Our Company

Our Company

GoSolar is the premier provider of solar energy systems for homes, businesses, government and non-profit organizations. We are leading the way in harvesting the sun’s energy to help everybody generate their own electricity and significantly lower or completely eliminate their energy costs, protect and improve the environment we live in, and reduce our dependence on non-renewable, expensive energy sources, such as oil, natural gas and coal.

We Help You Save Money

☼ Greatly reduce or completely eliminate your electric utility bill

☼ Save money you can use for retirement, your children’s college education, vacation, a new car, growing your business,
….other investments, etc.

☼ Get credit and even money back from your utility company when your solar energy system is producing more electric
….energy than you are using

☼ Significantly reduce your taxes or even get a refund from the IRS thanks to a 30% federal tax credit for solar energy
….systems (if you install your system before December 31, 2016)

☼ Increase the value of your home or dwelling

We Help Protect the Environment

☼ Harvest the power of sunlight, which is clean, unlimited and free; every hour of sunshine is equal to the amount of energy
….used by the entire human population in one full year.

☼ Help to reduce the use of expensive, non-renewable energy sources, such as oil, natural gas and coal that pollute the

We Do Outstanding Work and Provide Highest-Quality Equipment Made in USA

☼ Our staff members are thoroughly trained and officially certified solar energy professionals

☼ We value and focus on quality, not quantity; every solar energy system we deliver is custom designed and professionally

☼ We are proud to be an Authorized SolarWorld Installer. SolarWorld has been America’s solar leader for more than
….35 years

☼ We select and install only US made, best-in-class, highest quality and thoroughly tested solar panels, equipment and
….hardware for your solar energy system, including SolarWorld panels and Enphase micro inverters

☼ We guarantee the performance of your solar energy system for 20 years

☼ All our installers are properly licensed, bonded and insured for your safety and peace of mind

We Make It Easy

☼ We will take care of everything: designing your custom solar energy system, obtaining all permits, getting inspections
….done, installing and testing your system, filing for tax credits and rebates, ongoing support, everything…

☼ An online system will show you how your system operates and how much electricity you are generating

☼ All you have to do is turn on the system and enjoy the savings